Lowe’s is committed to providing a safe environment for customers, employees, contractors and vendors, while complying with safety and health standards established by law, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and other regulatory agencies.

We strive to sustain a culture that integrates safety into all parts of our business. Lowe’s holds our leadership teams accountable for creating and maintaining a safe working and shopping environment. Safety practices are incorporated into each job task, and we believe training is critical to ensuring safety awareness and knowledge are maintained at the highest level. Lowe's safety box In 2012, our store employees voluntarily took more than 8.4 million quizzes that focus on key safety initiatives. The quizzes are part of the Lowe’s Store Cup, an employee awareness program launched in 2010 to enhance the customer experience, improve safety and reduce inventory shrink through online training.

The quizzes, training and consistent communication of our safety expectations continue to improve our overall safety record. During the past eight years, our stores and supply chain locations have consistently reduced their number of incidents and improved their level of commitment to a safe work environment.

Whether in the training room or on the sales floor, our focus is on giving our employees the tools to work safely every day. In 2012, we completed the rollout of a new tool to all stores to help employees become more productive, efficient and safer while stocking and removing products from racking. The new Power Stocker Lift is being used in place of rolling step ladders. The equipment has a manually propelled hydraulic lift that can safely raise the operator and products to adjustable heights, ideal for moving heavy, bulky items or multiple items at one time. The new equipment has helped improve our employee work experience, safety and customer service.

Lowe’s also continued to enhance our Integrated Safety Leadership system to sustain Lowe’s safety culture throughout our stores and distribution network. Key safety topics and processes include daily reviews, weekly management meetings, ongoing hazard assessments, incident root cause analysis, continuous training and monthly team meetings in which employees teach one another to increase safety awareness.

Lowe’s is committed to maintaining a culture in which everyone is responsible for safety. We continue to advance this commitment by challenging our store and distribution safety teams to develop and lead safety efforts in their individual locations beyond what the organization provides in content and direction. We’re evaluating how we train these teams and are preparing to provide the tools to empower them to help build and sustain a culture where people work without fear of injury to accomplish their goals.  

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