Engaging Employees

Lowe’s ability to provide exceptional service to customers and our communities is a byproduct of putting our people at the center of everything we do. When our employees know that someone is listening to them, when they’re empowered and engaged in what we’re doing as a company, they produce great results.

Time and again, we’ve seen how highly engaged employees drive better sales, improve productivity and customer satisfaction, and create a safer and more positive work environment where everyone can excel.

Across the company, we saw increases in employee engagement related to core leadership values such as respect, setting consistent direction and flexibility around work-life balance.

Lowe’s measures employee engagement each fall through our Employee Opinion Survey. The survey gives all full-time and part-time employees the opportunity to tell us how well we are delivering on the things that are important to them so they are engaged to help customers. It also gives leaders direction on how to improve by helping identify trends. Once results are shared, volunteer voice teams work alongside their leadership team to create action plans to improve engagement.

Over the past few years, Lowe’s network of regional distribution centers has provided a powerful example of how feedback from the survey can be used to create a positive and lasting cultural change. Once the lowest-engaged workforce in the company, this group has changed how it operates. By focusing on leadership and doing the right thing, Lowe’s distribution centers have seen a steady increase in engagement over the past seven years and their engagement levels remain above the benchmark for best-in-class companies.

Our distribution network’s efforts are being modeled in other areas of the organization. Based on feedback from the 2012 survey, we placed a renewed emphasis on helping employees lead. We launched companywide leadership development initiatives focused on equipping front-line leaders with the training and resources needed to be successful. And we rolled out a reporting portal that allows leaders to quickly share their team’s annual survey results and focus on key themes for action planning.

While we maintained engagement across the company in 2013, our focus on helping employees lead was reflected in the improved engagement of our management group, including:

  • Gains among vice presidents, directors and managers in our corporate offices related to pride, motivation and recommending Lowe’s as a great place to work.
  • Increases in pride, motivation and advocacy among store and distribution center managers, who’ve typically been a highly engaged group.
  • And gains in employees’ perceptions of their leadership teams. Across the company, we saw increases in employee engagement related to core leadership values such as respect, setting consistent direction and flexibility around work-life balance.

Based on feedback from the 2013 Employee Opinion Survey, we’ve identified three focus areas for 2014: connecting with employees through improved communication and visibility; clarifying how each employee contributes to our shared success; and celebrating good work through a culture of recognition.

While the annual survey plays an important role for Lowe’s, we’re committed to making engagement a daily part of how we think, act and operate rather than a one-time event. Leaders encourage year-round discussions about engagement and prioritize taking action together with their teams. And we encourage employees to deliver feedback during one-on-one conversations with supervisors and through shared channels like Lowe’s internal social platform, where ideas are solicited and debated.

As we change to meet the evolving needs of customers, we’ll continue to look for opportunities to improve engagement so that we can better deliver seamless, supportive and inspiring customer experiences.

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Engaging Employees

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