Collaboration, Diversity & Inclusion

At Lowe’s, diversity, inclusion and collaboration are more than business initiatives. They are a way of life. Our customers live in diverse communities across the United States, Canada and Mexico, and we reflect their unique perspectives in many ways – through the products and services we offer, in the employees we hire, with the suppliers we choose and in the everyday connections we make with customers and with each other.

To the 260,000 employees at Lowe’s, diversity and inclusion means a workforce that celebrates diversity of thought, unique talents, varied backgrounds and innovative thinking. To our customers, diversity and inclusion means that they see themselves in us and the products and services we offer.

Lowe’s commitment to collaboration, diversity and inclusion reaches far beyond corporate and social responsibility. It’s a look at where we’ve been and a glimpse into the company we are striving to become. At the core of this commitment are people – people with diverse backgrounds and ideas, people with a desire to blaze new trails and people who know that their diverse perspectives are valued and appreciated. Through our people, we make a positive and lasting difference in the communities and lives of customers.
– Robert A. Niblock, Chairman, President and CEO


Moving Beyond Diversity and Inclusion

We’ve taken our commitment to diversity and inclusion a step further. We recognize that when we collaborate with each other, our suppliers and customers, great things happen. Everyday challenges are solved. New ideas are hatched. Our team members flourish. And, most importantly, we provide customers with the products and services that they need to love where they live.

Collaboration, diversity and inclusion – together, they drive our commitment to improve the places we work and the communities we serve.

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Diversity & Inclusion

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