Developing Our Workforce

Providing differentiating customer and employee experiences begins with our ability to attract, develop and retain a skilled and engaged workforce. The single biggest factor behind our success is our people, and we’re fully dedicated to helping them enhance their skills and excel in their jobs and careers.

Our performance-oriented training programs provide the tools to help employees quickly reach and maintain job proficiency. Then, we work to develop a broader, deeper and more valuable talent pool by providing employees with opportunities for ongoing training and targeted career development.

We invest 350,000 hours a year on training, with a focus on role-playing, coaching and personal feedback.

We invest 350,000 hours a year on training, with a focus on role-playing, coaching and personal feedback.

Our Lowe’s Leadership Institute is building current and next-generation leaders by helping them enhance their capability to lead themselves, inspire their teams and run the business. We do this by making strategic investments to:

  • Assess them for targeted development, deployment and succession.
  • Deploy formal learning programs for leadership transitions and point-in-time leadership needs.
  • Provide on-demand learning opportunities for team or individual needs.

Our Learning@Lowe’s program offers a variety of learning paths for employees, built on a careful blend of online courses, instructor-led classroom training, experiential learning, on-the-job learning, coaching and performance support. These learning experiences and opportunities are structured to occur at the right time and in the right amount.

The other area of strategic investment is Selling@Lowes, a selling skills program created to advance our sales culture and enhance the customer experience. These focus areas have improved our customer-service metrics and helped deliver higher sales while building the foundation for continued growth.

Developing Our Workforce Coaching
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Developing Our Workforce

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