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Employee Culture

We work to build an internal environment that reflects our values and demonstrates the importance of each player on the team.

Employee Engagement

A purpose-driven culture can’t be created overnight. We regularly examine every part of our business to ensure consistency with our values, and we empower team members to join this effort.

To measure how employees feel about the company and our work environment, Lowe’s conducts an annual Employee Opinion Survey (EOS), which asks full-time and part-time staff to share their views on topics ranging from leadership to teamwork and work-life balance to personal well-being.

In 2015, with the goal of determining what matters most to employees, we broadened the EOS to focus not only on employee engagement, but also on overall work experience. Themed “Without you, our story is not complete,” the survey was conducted in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Based on results, we’re proud to report:

  • Overall employee engagement steadily increased for the third year in a row.
  • All three of our U.S. business units (stores, distribution centers and customer support centers) reached or surpassed our benchmark goal of 65 percent.
  • For the second year in a row, when asked “What word describes Lowe’s to you?” the top survey response from employees was “family.”


Lowe’s leaders use the survey findings to assess how to drive positive change and implement new ideas for our company. For example, the 2015 survey invited in-depth feedback from employees on specific behaviors by their leaders. The findings were used to create a Leadership Indicator report for each Lowe’s executive, including feedback and actionable suggestions. We also launched a new internal reporting site in 2015 that provides leaders with interactive survey results, including targeted focus areas and suggestions on how to improve their approach to leading their teams.


Lowe’s Tree of Appreciation

“The Lowe’s Tree of Appreciation” mural was painted in our Bartonsville, Pennsylvania, store by Desiree Loanzo, a Lowe’s employee. She created it to represent all of the store’s workers from various backgrounds as one family.