The past year was filled with disasters across the country, as the American Red Cross responded to 113 large-scale disasters in 42 states and territories from Alaska to Florida. And our partnership with Lowe’s was critical in getting help to people in need.

In 2012, the Red Cross opened a total of 907 shelters and provided more than 109,000 overnight stays to people forced from their homes. More than 29,000 trained disaster workers served 9.9 million meals and snacks and distributed 6.8 million relief items. Health and mental health workers provided more than 141,000 consultations to help people recover.

Lowe’s donated more than $1 million to the Red Cross in 2012 to assist people affected by disasters such as tornados across the Midwest and Southeast, two major hurricanes – Isaac and Sandy – and wildfires in nine Western states. Thank You From Red Cross graphicThese wildfires, which were fueled by dry conditions, destroyed homes and forced widespread evacuations. In response, the Red Cross launched wildfire relief operations in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington and California. Red Cross shelters gave residents a safe place to spend the night, and also served as evacuation centers, where people could check in, eat a warm meal and get the latest news from officials regarding evacuation orders, damage to homes and neighborhoods and containment of the blazes.

Lowe’s stepped up again during these wildfires, giving $250,000 that helped the Red Cross provide nearly 4,000 overnight stays in shelters, serve more than 159,000 meals and snacks, and hand out tens of thousands of relief items. When residents learned the fate of their homes and belongings, Red Cross workers provided emotional support and helped families plan their recovery.

Since 1999, Lowe’s has given more than $24 million to the Red Cross for disaster work.  As a member of the Annual Disaster Giving Program, Lowe’s also pledges donations on an ongoing basis, helping ensure the Red Cross can respond immediately when a disaster strikes. Every nine minutes, the Red Cross responds to a disaster in communities across the country. Thanks to partners such as Lowe’s, whether it’s a hurricane or a fire in someone’s home, the Red Cross is there.

Charley Shimanski

Senior Vice President for Red Cross Disaster Services

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