Lowe's Toolbox for Education

Education is at the heart of Lowe’s call to improve the communities we serve. By helping schools and students in need, we’re investing in the long-term success of our communities.

Our signature education grant program, Lowe’s Toolbox for Education®, has been changing lives and transforming communities since its launch in 2006. The program provides parent groups and educators with the necessary financial tools to expand students’ opportunities and improve K-12 public schools across the United States. With the help of Lowe’s Toolbox for Education, we’re closing the funding gap facing many schools today.

Since 2006, Lowe’s Toolbox for Education® has provided $38 million in grants to improve more than 8,000 schools and benefit more than five million schoolchildren.

In 2013, Lowe’s Toolbox for Education contributed nearly $4 million to fund improvements at 940 schools in 49 states. Projects included technology upgrades, safety improvements, library renovations and outdoor learning environments, and local Lowe’s Heroes often provided volunteer support. Since 2006, Lowe’s Toolbox for Education has provided $38 million in grants to improve more than 8,000 schools. The program has benefited more than five million schoolchildren since its inception.

For the fifth consecutive year, Lowe’s partnered with NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson and his wife, Chandra, to award additional grants to K-12 public schools with critical needs. These Champions Grants are funded by the Jimmie Johnson Foundation, and Lowe’s helps administer them. Last year, the Jimmie Johnson Foundation distributed $470,000 in Champions Grants to nine schools in the Johnsons’ hometowns in California, North Carolina and Oklahoma. The program has contributed more than $3 million to 63 schools since its inception.

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Lowe’s Toolbox for Education

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