Lowe's Toolbox for Education

Our signature education grant program is Lowe’s Toolbox for Education® (Toolbox). The Toolbox program provides schools and communities with the necessary resources to make improvements where they’re needed most. Our grants enable schools to make renovations and safety enhancements as well as upgrade technology and learning materials. Since the program began in 2006, we’ve provided $45 million in grants to improve more than 10,000 schools across the country. As a result, more than 6 million schoolchildren have benefited.

Each year, we provide nearly $5 million in Toolbox grants for K–12 public schools around the United States. Our need-based grants range in size from $2,000 to $100,000, and as many as 1,000 schools can benefit in any given year. In 2014, Toolbox provided $4.6 million in financial assistance for enhancements at 1,103 schools in 49 U.S. states.

Lowe’s Heroes also lent a hand, volunteering their time and
expertise to these commitments along the way.

Lowe’s awards $25K to 4 schools

Lowe’s celebrated the 10th anniversary of Toolbox for Education with Letters to Lowe’s, a writing campaign that recently awarded $25,000 grants to four public schools.

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Lowe’s Toolbox for Education

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